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Antique Sound Workshop
Boulder EMS
Purchasing a Recorder

For beginners and amateurs like myself, I strongly recommend the Yamaha recorders, especially the woodgrain soprano and alto recorders, for the following reasons:

  1. Incredible buy for the money.
  2. Much more durable. You don't have to worry about dings or dents.
  3. Good outdoor recorder. No intonation changes from changes in the weather.
  4. Very nice baroque recorder sound and great intonation, even on alternate fingerings.
  5. Good backup recorder for when you purchase a wooden one.
  6. The rosewood woodgrain recorders look great and I recommend spending the couple additional dollars to buy these over the simpler black finish recorders.

Plastic Recorders

Best Prices - West Music
The best deal is the consort of 4 Yamaha recorders with a case for $168 - click here! This is the same price I paid 10 years ago for them.

Antique Sound Workshop - entire range of recorders
Boulder Plastic Recorders - Yamaha, Aulos, Zen-On, Moeck
Elderly Music - Yamaha
House of Musical Traditions - Aulos, Moeck, Yamaha
Kelischek Workshop - Aulos, Yamaha, Zen-On
Melody - Moeck, Zen-On
Weiner Inc.
Woodwind and Brasswind

Wooden Recorders

Best Prices - Weiner Inc.

Antique Sound Workshop - entire range of recorders
Boulder Wooden Recorders - Ariel, Koblicek, Kung, Moeck, Mollenhauer, Rossler, Zen-On
Collins & Williams - entire range of recorders. The higher prices are justified because each recorder is manually adjusted before sale.
Elderly Music - Hohner
House of Musical Traditions - Gill, Moeck, Hohner
Kelischek Workshop - Adler, Dolmetsch, Hans Coolsma, Heinrich, Moeck, Mollenhauer, Paetzold
Melody - Hohner, Moeck, Dolmetsch, Zen-On, Adler
Von Huene - sells the entire range of recorders.
Von Huene's handmade recorders are beyond belief. I had the good fortune to play on one of his older tenor recorders at a Skinner fine musical instrument auction. The instrument had such an incredibly beautiful and dark sound with a powerful carrying tone that people at the far end of the auction area stopped to hear me play a few notes!
Woodwind and Brasswind

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